Ep #051: Referral Rookie Mistakes

I have noticed – over the almost 7 years of teaching business owners and sales professionals how to generate referrals without asking – people consistently making the same rookie mistakes.

And rookie mistakes can be made no matter how long you have been in business.

I know business owners in business 5, 10 or more years STILL making these mistakes.

For this episode, we are diving in to FOUR rookie mistakes and what to do instead.

Now, these aren’t the only mistakes people make – oh lordy there are more – but these are four no one should be making.

Here are some highlights:

Rookie Mistake #1: Thinking that generating referrals is just another “sales activity.”

Rookie Mistake #2: Believing that referrals just happen – that you don’t have any control over the process.

Rookie Mistake #3: Not understanding – truly – who the hero is and how to care for them.

Rookie Mistake #4: Not following a plan or system – unique to you – to generate referrals.

Once you listened to this episode, I would love for you to share your thoughts on these four mistakes – which one (or ones) have you been making and how do you plan to solve it?  Hop into the Referrals Without Asking Community over on Facebook.

Let’s get the conversation started!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #052… I am showing you EXACTLY how to nail your thank you card when you receive a referral. Don’t miss it!

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