Generating Referrals

Ep #004: The Key Ingredient of Generating Referrals

In this episode we are going examine the most important ingredient when it comes to building a business that is sustained by referrals.

Here are some highlights:

So what is the most important ingredient when it comes to generating referrals…you must be referrable!

I know that sounds simple but knowing you need to be referable and actually executing on being referable are at two different ends of the spectrum.

Being referable is more than just doing great work. To be referable you need to nail these three pieces.

  1. Believe You Deserve Referrals.
    Yes, you do deserve referrals but you are never owed them. This mindset shift is key to operating from a place of gratitude with your referral sources.
  2. Execute on a Sticky Client Experience.
    A sticky client experience is what a client goes through from the moment they say yes to working with you till the work is done. A Sticky Client Experience has two factors – the work you do and the relationship you build with your clients.

    At timestamp 4:19 I use a marriage proposal as an analogy for understanding the work and relationship parts of the client experience.
  3. Be Consistent.
    Your Client Experience needs to be executed on consistently for each and every client. Nothing earth shattering with this one, but inconsistency is the death of a client experience and referral generation. Focus on developing triggers in your business for each step of the client experience process.

Here is the most important question you can ask yourself…”Do I know what it is like to work with me?” Do I know – really know – what it means to be a client of mine?

Coming up in the next episode, we will build on how the client experience could be one reason you aren’t receiving referrals. But we will also look at three other reasons as well.

To download the episode freebie I mentioned – the Client Experience Assessment – click here.

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