Why you don't receive referrals and what to do about it

Ep #005: Four Reasons You Don’t Receive Referrals

In this episode we are going examine the four main reasons why you probably aren’t receiving referrals and I’ll provide quick tips on how to solve these four most common problems.

Here are some highlights:

The good news is these four reasons can be solved…without a ton of effort on your part…but there is some work involved.

Reason #1: Your Client Experience is Choppy

Building off of our topic of the #1 ingredient to receive referrals in Episode #4…we look at why your client experience matters so much. I explain through examples what a choppy experience is and an easy way to fix it.

Reason #2: Confusing Top-of-Mind with Keep-In-Touch

You keep in touch with acquaintances but you need to be top of mind with your referral sources, or those you hope to cultivate into referral sources. The quick fix will help you move from a keep-in-touch mentality to a top-of-mind one.

Reason #3: You Don’t Have a Dedicated Referral Generating Plan

At the heart of a referral plan is building relationships and in the Quick Fix I give an easy and super important way to start today to focus on the relationships that matter most in your business. (Hint – those that matter most are your referral sources.)

Reason #4: You Belong to the “But, But, But” Club

If my kids listened to this episode, this one would have them giggling (they are 8, 9, and 10 so saying “but” is funny).

But (pun intended) being a part of the “but, but, but” club is dangerous for your business. Listen in for one tip on how to overcome procrastination and doubt and an easy way to get started with referrals.

Grab the Free Guide Mentioned:

To download the quick guide for how to fix the four reasons you don’t receive referrals in your business TODAY! – go here.

Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode, we have a two-part episode (#006 and #007) on what to do when you need MORE referral sources.  Sometimes you need to be more referrable and do a better job of cultivating relationships with your referral sources…BUT sometimes you just need more referral sources! These two upcoming episodes have you covered!

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