Understanding buying signals when asking for the close

Ep #042: Asking for the Close with Nikki Rausch

There is one thing that stinks about business… when a prospect says no. But what if a prospect is trying to say yes and you miss it?  Think it can’t happen? Think again. Our sales expert guest is Nikki Rausch from the Sales Maven.

Here are the Highlights:

Nikki covers in depth 3 of her 17 buying signals. You can download the entire list of buying signals on this handy PDF but I highly encourage you to buy her book, Buying Signals on Amazon to understand each one.  Some are not what you think and her advice is excellent.

Nikki also gives us two questions to ask to make sure we have a buying signal when we are unsure.

And Nikki provides her tip for how she overcomes rejection! Simple but effective.

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And the discount code Nikki talks about to join her Sales Maven Society is “Stacey” which gets you 50% off each month for your first 12 months! Check out her sales membership community here.

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #043… here is another chance for you to be a fly on the wall as I coach someone on their referral reality and how to improve.

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