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Ep #043: On the Spot Coaching Segment

This episode is another On the Spot Coaching Segment where you get to listen in as I talk to Liz Williamson of Metro’s Other Woman, a personal assistant firm on the coast of NC.  We dig in to her business numbers and uncover why she isn’t receiving the referrals she deserves!

Here are the Highlights:

What I challenge you – the listener – to do while you listen to this coaching conversation is to ask yourself the same questions I am asking Liz.

Pretend you and I are having the same conversation.

How would you answer if I asked you… how many new clients do you need to work with this year to feel like you had a good year?

And where will those clients come from?

What about your number of referral sources and your plan to receive more referrals from them? This isn’t something we leave to chance!

After you listen in, hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and let me know what you thought of today’s show.  I love it when we continue the conversation from the episodes to the FB community!

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

5 Steps to Generate Referrals article

5 Steps to Generate Referrals podcast episode

Listing of my Growth By Referral program, masterclasses and scripts. (For when you are ready to take the next step!)

Here’s How I Can Help You in 2019 Generate More Referrals:

  1. Buy my book – Generating Business Referrals Without Asking – and learn how to generate referrals through my 5 steps. (LESS THAN $16)
  2. Take the 7 Day Referral Growth Challenge – It starts the day you sign up. (FREE)
  3. Take the Referral Ninja Quiz to test your skills and abilities at generating referrals. (FREE)

Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #044… where we are going to get smart about our profit because a business isn’t a business without it!

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