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Ep #006: What to do When You Need More Referral Sources (Part One)

In this episode, along with the next episode #007 (Bond, James Bond…sorry just couldn’t resist) we are going to look at the four steps to take to increase the number of referral sources you have.

Here are some highlights:

Up first – let’s make sure we are all on the same page regarding a few key points.

Referral Source Basics:

–The definition of a referral source (spoiler alert…it is simply someone who refers you).

–Identify who are the typical referral sources. There are two main source types we focus on.

–And determine your mix of referral sources – you will fall into one of three categories.

Three Common Misconceptions:

–Not all of your clients will refer you and this should come as a big sigh of relief.  It means instead of focusing on all of your clients, you can laser in on the 30% that will probably refer you.

–Referral sources are not necessarily easily identifiable but there are traits to consider.

–A referral source does not always stay a referral source.

Now that we know the basics and have the misconceptions out of the way…we can dive into the first two steps of the process (of a four step process) when we want to increase our referral sources. I have created for you a simple follow-along workbook so you can take action and start increasing your referral sources.

Download the
Identify Your Potential Referral Sources

Step #1: Identify and Assess

Let’s get really clear on who refers you – clients and COIs – and what patterns emerge from those referring you now.

Step #2: Truth Time

You can’t go any further in the process until you answer a few key questions about your current state of referral sources.

Follow along in the workbook (updated since this episode aired). You can download it to using the name and email submission form above.

Grab the Free Workbook Mentioned:

To download the Increasing Your Referral Sources workbook:

Links to Show Resources:

What to do When You Need More Referral Sources
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Coming Up:
Coming up in the next episode – #007 – I will finish up with the final two steps in the process to increase your referral sources.

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