Ep #135: This Number Matters Most for More Referrals

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

If I asked you which number matters most if you want to receive more referrals this year, do you know what it is?

–Would you say the number of referrals received in 2020?

–Or the total number of referrals you’ve ever received?

–Would you guess the number of new clients you need this year?

What if it isn’t any of these metrics?

What if another number matters most so you can receive more referrals this year?

And what if that “number” is only half the story?

In this episode, we dive into what this number is and what else you have to “know” about this number to make it work.

You’ll definitely want to grab the Referral Source Activity download so you can complete this activity on your own time.  This will give you an easy and straightforward way to get to the heart of this very important number.

If your goal is more – or any – referrals in 2021, this is a must listen to episode with a must complete activity.

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Don’t forget to download the Referral Source Activity!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #136 and we do  little more calculation for a strong referral year!   

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