When Referral Generation Isn't Working

Ep #088: When Referral Generation Isn’t Working

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Here are some highlights:

For some of you this episode will be future pacing you… meaning I am teaching you concepts that you might not yet be able to put into practice if you aren’t consistently working to receive referrals or executing on your referral generating plan.

For others, those who are consistently working their referral generating plan, this episode will help you understand 4 main reasons your referral generation efforts aren’t paying off.

To go along with this episode, you can download the 4 Reasons Your Referral Generation Isn’t Working Worksheet to take notes on the 4 ways plus how to fix them.  

Image of the PDF for download

Grab it now!

Okay, go check out the episode to learn more!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #089 and we are starting a series on referral sources… let’s dig deep.  Don’t miss it!

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