Q&A Episode: Burning Questions from our Listeners

Ep #120: Burning Questions From Our Listeners

Our new series kicks off next week and we’re diving into a new series answer questions about referrals specific to industries. Have a question you want to make sure is answered? Then make sure to post it here in our free community along with your industry

Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Recently Sal Campos, the owner of BrandVisibility Marketing, posted a question in our free community, Referrals Without Asking.

His question is a really good one.  He had recently watched one of my on-demand trainings (have you yet?) to learn the Referral Ninja Master Framework and something I explained caught his attention in relation to a recent situation.

He wanted to know why 17 “referrals” he received all at one time from a client of his didn’t convert.

Here’s Sal’s full post copied from the FB group.

Sal Campos' Question from FB Group

My answer may surprise you!

After listening to this episode, please share your thoughts on post #120 in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #121 and our deep dive on referrals by industry begins… have you asked a question yet? Shoot me an email, send a message to my FB page or post in our free Facebook community 

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