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Ep #040: Burning Questions from our Listeners

We have another super special guest interviewer on the show today… my 8-year-old daughter McKenzie.  She asks me 3 questions and then goes a little off script to plead her case on something, she is very sneaky like that!

Here are the Questions Asked:

Question #1: From Amber, a photographer: “I’ve always had a desire to reward my referrals but am afraid of folks expecting too much or disappointed if it’s not enough?”

Question #2: From Josh, an attorney and Amy, an interior designer: “How do you move someone from a trusted contact to a referral source.
In answering Josh’s and Amy’s question I mentioned my Masterclass on how to turn people into referral sources.  If you need help in this area, check out the Masterclass.

Question #3: From Maitri, an outsourced COO: “You have a number of programs like Growth By Referrals, Sticky Client Experience and a few Masterclasses. What order do you recommend we go through the programs?”

To help you follow along with my answer to Maitri’s question, I created a road map. Just start at the top with answering the first question and move through the options based on your answers.

Download the Program Road Map

Product map for Growth By Referrals

Then hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and let me know what you thought of today’s show and the answers to the questions.  Let’s get the conversation started!

PS – McKenzie would be floating on cloud 9 if she personally received any feedback in the FB group.  [Keep in mind she is 8 so any negative feedback will be deleted, mom’s rules!]

Here’s How I Can Help You in 2019 Generate More Referrals:

  1. Buy my book – Generating Business Referrals Without Asking – and learn how to generate referrals through my 5 steps. (LESS THAN $16)
  2. Take the 7 Day Referral Growth Challenge – It starts the day you sign up. (FREE)
  3. Take the Referral Ninja Quiz to test your skills and abilities at generating referrals. (FREE)

Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #041… we are talking about the 5 times you can ask!  Just never for referrals.  I’ll explain in episode #041!

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