Goal Crushers in Action

Ep #132: Goal Crushers In Action

Have questions about your 5 Year Vision, your 3 Year Milestones, your 1 Year Plan or your individual goals worksheets?  Then join me in the Reverse Goal Setting Pop Up Group where I’m hanging out for a few more weeks answering your questions. You’ll also meet other business owners – just like you – who went through the process and had success!  Join us now!

Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Are you still holding out on going through the Reverse Goal Setting process?

If you’ve downloaded the workbook, then you know it’s not just a page or two you go through.

There’s a little bit more involved.  It requires you to think, ponder, consider options and write things down.

But it’s critically necessary for you, your business and your future.

And I’ll prove it to you.

In this episode, you’ll hear from business owners who went through the Reverse Goal Setting process three years ago, two years ago and last year for the first time.

They share how their business and life has shifted dramatically since they first reserved their goals and followed through.

I ask them to share what it meant for them when they reserved their goals for the first time.

I also asked them to share about their big goal they finished/crushed this year. Which is always exciting, though vastly different.

And one of the business owners, Melisa, shares about how she involved her team in the Reverse Goal Setting process.

These business owners hit goals they hadn’t before, they shifted or pivoted as needed this year so COVID didn’t slow them down and they want the same for you… just like I do.

So stop putting off setting your goals.

I’m hanging out in the Reverse Goal Setting Pop Up Facebook Group for the next few weeks and I’m available to help you complete the process.  So if you have questions or want me to review your goals, then hop into the group and ask me!

Here are the Reverse Goal Setting™ resources:

Step-By-Step Workbook

Pop Up Facebook Group (hop in there now as I go deeper than I can on the podcast with each step!) 

AANNNDDD… The Goal Finishers Club is open and accepting new members!  Check out the details and join the Goal Finishers Club.  Join now to take advantage of the early bird pricing!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #133 and we’ll talk about how the future always belongs to finishers. It’s time you became one!  

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