The Future Always Belongs to Finishers

Ep #133: The Future Always Belongs to Finishers

Have questions about your 5 Year Vision, your 3 Year Milestones, your 1 Year Plan or your individual goals worksheets?  Then join me in the Reverse Goal Setting Pop Up Group where I’m hanging out for a few more weeks answering your questions. You’ll also meet other business owners – just like you – who went through the process and had success!  Join us now!

Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

My mantra during the past two months as we have tackled the Reverse Goal Setting process has been this… “Setting goals is the easy part. Finishing them is not.”


I believe this truth rings clear, crystal clear.

What you do now – in reversing your goals and putting together your finishing strategy – will make it easier to complete your goals by the end of 2021. No doubt.

But you still need a mechanism to make them happen when your enthusiasm starts to wane in March, is on the skids in July and on life support by September.

You need support all year long to move from a “starter” to a “finisher.”

This episode gives you the voice(s) of wisdom for how to be and stay a finisher… from 5 goal finishers who have come before you.

And you can hang with some of these Goal Finishers along with me in the Reverse Goal Setting Pop Up Facebook Group. Remember, if you have questions or want me to review your goals, then hop into the group and ask me!

Here are the Reverse Goal Setting™ resources:

Step-By-Step Workbook

Pop Up Facebook Group (hop in there now as I go deeper than I can on the podcast with each step!) 

AANNNDDD… The Goal Finishers Club is open and accepting new members!  Check out the details and join the Goal Finishers Club.  Join now to take advantage of the early bird pricing which ends on December 31, 2020!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #134 and I have a special episode for you as we kick off the new year.  

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