Ep #136: Calculating Your 2021 Referral Explosion

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Episode Highlights:

I’ve done a “calculate your referral explosion” episode before.

But this year is different… we’re looking at a few more factors to help you decide the number of referrals you might receive this year versus what you should be receiving.

Whether you do ‘back of the envelope’ type math or download our referral explosion worksheet so you can easily follow along… you need to go through this formula so you are prepared for the year you’re willing to work for.

In this episode, you’ll need some “referral” data and then I’ll walk you through the formula to calculate two ways 2021 might end.

One: Receiving the average number of referrals you can expect (based on historical data)

Two: Having a referral explosion… whether that is 12 or 52 or 102.

If you’d like to calculate what your referral explosion would look like in your first year, then download the Referral Explosion Calculation Worksheet by entering your name and email right here:

This will give you an easy and straightforward way to get to two extremely important numbers.

Make sure to jump into our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and ask your questions as you complete this exercise!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #137 and dive in deeper to our referral sources.

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