Ep #142: When the Hard Work Pays Off

Meet Jackie Ho.  She’s an architect in the Bay Area who is receiving 3 new referrals per week – since Christmas.

How’d she do it?

She implemented layer #2 of the referral strategy.

The second layer focuses on turning clients and contacts into referral sources.

While Jackie is having amazing success, it’s important you know when she started and what’s she doing.

Because one of the best ways to learn and commit to taking control of your referrals is hear the journey from another business owner – who’s just like you.

Make no mistake – Jackie is an action taker and excellent student as she follows the process step-by-step that I teach in the Growth By Referral program.

And for that she is being rewarded… quickly too.  She just started in November and has already received 22 referrals (and counting) in just a few month.

So take a listen and learn how it worked for another business owner.

In the episode, Jackie talks about how she used the strategy she learned in our online program Referring Machines to cultivate new people into referral sources. Her first step – before cultivation – was identification. Here’s the workbook that walk you through the identification step.

Download the Workbook to Identify Your
Potential Referral Sources

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #143 and we’re going back to the basics on something that bears repeating with referrals.

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