Ep #144: What’s Wrong Today with the Collective Referral Mindset

Even today – in 2021 – there is something very wrong with how referrals are discussed, handled and taught.

There is a dangerous mindset out there that is doing damage to what I call the “collective referral mindset.”

The collective referral mindset is how we – collectively – think about referrals.  The mindset has been dominated by one thought for decades.  You guessed it, the asking for referrals advice.

But lately I’m seeing another type of mindset move into focus that is an off-shoot of the “asking” advice.

Join me as I dig in.  By the way – I’m going to get on a soapbox – consider yourself warned.

And if you haven’t listened to episode #143 to have a foundation of the referrals without asking philosophy that I teach, go listen to that episode first as it will put everything in this episode into context for you.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #145 and we’ll continue on our collective referral mindset track but I’m bringing on a buddy to look at this from a different perspective.

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