David Ferguson and Mark McIntosh

Ep #058: The Start of a Referral Ninja Master Journey

Ever wonder what the first year is like when you are working towards becoming a Referral Ninja Master?

In this episode you will hear from two business owners on the first few months of their journey and the incredible success they are already having!  

Here are some highlights:

Please welcome David Ferguson, a financial advisor with HF Financial and Mark McIntosh, the founder of RevGrow.    

David has been a financial advisor for 10 years and has always received a handful of referrals every year (1 to 3)… but not what he knows he is capable of receiving. He knew he needed a process and system to hold him accountable and one he was comfortable following. And after only 6 months following the Growth By Referrals program he brought in 7 referrals. In the past it would have taken him 3 to 4 years to generate those referrals… but not anymore.

Mark McIntosh is the founder of RevGrow and along with his Director of Operations, Nicole Hoglund, they share what it has been like for the first 3 months following the Growth By Referrals program.  Already in their first 3 months they have received 12 referrals!  And they love how much easier the conversations are with referred prospects.

We dive in to both David’s and Mark’s/Nicole’s stories in this episode.  So hit the play button above and join us!

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The next episode is episode #059… we go behind the scenes of the newly upgraded Growth By Referrals program and hear from our early beta testers.  Don’t miss it!

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