Ep #167: What Referrals Hide

Be honest, when business is good – from referrals, repeat clients, other lead gen sources – do you allow your busyness to keep you from implementing key processes in your business?

Trouble is – these overlooked or ignored process are ones we need in place because it would make our lives easier.

And what makes this worse? What we don’t focus on today, doesn’t always hurt us today or we don’t feel it today in our business… but we will feel it months later.

In my many conversations with business owners who know they should put the “Referrals Without Asking” strategy in place (whether a GBR student or not) but can’t seem to make the space or commitment, I hear a few recurring themes as to the reasons why.

A big one is “I’m too busy with current clients.”

But not having a referral strategy is not the only thing we overlook in our business when we’re so busy.

Let’s talk about the other big one I see.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #168 and we have a special conversation of how one real estate agent finally took control of her referrals.

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