why you don't use promo swag to generate referrals

Ep #019: How Promo Swag is Killing Your Referral Strategy

In this episode we are diving in to understand how your beloved promotional items are killing your referral strategy.

Now I know this can be a touchy subject…I mean who doesn’t love the free stuff companies hand out with their logo on them?

But using them as part of your referral strategy comes with a cost.

Here are some highlights:

In this episode I discuss when to use promotional items (promo swag) and when not to use them.

Promo swag can be used during your marketing and prospecting plans. For example, as a free item you give out at your booth at a trade show. 

The point of the item is to lure someone to step into your booth or up to the table to take the free item and providing you with an opportunity to start a conversation.  You may also use promo items to entice someone to meet with you or send after they have met with you when they are in the buyer’s journey.

Another opportunity as to when to use promo items is part of your new client experience and in the episode I give two examples. First example is a home builder who went through my Sticky Client Experience program and how he paired a nice “thank you gift” with promo items when the project was complete.

The second example is one I used as a business and productivity coach…a koozie I gave out with a specific saying to all my new clients.
Then we dive into when you cannot use promo swag which is specifically as part of your referral plan.  I talk about why promo swag actually has the opposite effect you want it to have and why promo swag is best left out of the referral generating plan.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #020 – we are answering listener questions – maybe even yours – about referrals, client experience and business growth!

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