the right way to give a referral

Ep #035: How to Give a Proper Referral

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Here are some highlights:

I know, I know… this seems so basic But I am amazed at how people give referrals… incorrectly mind you.

In our rush to ‘send the referral’ and move on to our never-ending to do list, we aren’t doing a good job.

And that negatively impacts not only the professional we are sending the referral to but also the person, our friend, we are referring who needs help.

There are two key components we covered – the structure of the referral and the delivery method.

And we discuss the reason why bad referrals are sent.  I even provide an example of a referral I gave so you can see the “right way” in action.

Download the Proper Referral Checklist 

checklist to give proper referral

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #036… we are diving in to the guiding principles of referrals.

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