Ep #059: Behind the Scenes of the Growth By Referrals Program Overhaul

In this episode we hear from GBR student Kathi Wilson as she compares the old version of the Growth By Referrals program to the new version that was released about two weeks ago. 

But if you know you are not interested in ever joining the GBR program, then you may want to skip this episode. Don’t worry, no judgement from me. But if you have ever thought of  joining the GBR program, this is one episode you will want to check out.   

Here are some highlights:

Please welcome Kathi Wilson, a GBR student who joined the program in 2016.

She gives us an honest comparison of the old version and new version.

When Kathi talks about how she can find a lesson or topic she needs more easily with the new version, here is the side-by-side comparison of the old program with the new program.  As you can tell, in the old version there is only one video for the entire version.

Old  Version Screenshot 

Growth By Referrals - module 1 - old layout

But with new version, I broke down each module into mini-lessons so you can quickly find your place.

New Version Screenshot

Growth By Referrals - new version - module 3

And if you want a behind the scenes look at the new program check out this video.

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The next episode is episode #060… another Q&A episode and my husband, Norm, is joining me as the guest interviewer.  Don’t miss it!

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