Going beyond the thank you note for referrals

Ep #062: Beyond the Thank You Note

If you have followed my teachings or strategies for any length of time then you know the Thank You note is an important part of the overall referral process.

BUT it is just one part.

In this episode we are going beyond the thank you note so you can understand how the thank you note fits into the referral explosion process and not over- or under- estimate its value.

Here are some highlights:

The easiest thing to grasp in my referral explosion process that I teach is the thank you note.

We get it because we have probably done it at least once in our life.

But what I find is that unfortunately people hear “write thank you notes” = “get referrals.”

And unfortunately that’s not how it works. 

Writing thank you notes for referrals received is step 2 of a 5 step process.  In this image below you can see how the steps fit together.  Please download the PDF of the 5 steps if that is helpful. 

5 Steps to Generate Referrals

Writing thank you notes is critical to you receiving referrals BUT to unleash your referral explosion you need to ask… “yes, I’m writing thank you notes but what do I need to do next?”

We dive into it all on this episode, so join me!

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Let’s get the conversation started!

Here  are the Links Mentioned in the Episode:

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Episode 21: on the show notes page I provide ideas (images) of personalized holiday cards

Episode 52:  nailing the thank you card episode… what to write in your thank you note when you receive a referral.   

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #063… and I will walk you through the simple steps to determine your referral explosion number… the exact number.  Don’t miss it!

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