Your One Must for 2020

Ep #081: Your One Must

This episode is sponsored by my Goal Finishers Club and the deadline to join the 2020 Club is quickly approaching.  The deadline to join is Friday, January 3, 2020.  

The Goal Finishers Club is a monthly accountability group where we track your goals, check-in every month and you earn gold stars plus prizes for crushing your goals.  Learn more at!  We have some amazing business owners who have already joined!  You should too!

Here are some highlights:

So the Brown Randall family recently endured the joys of moving.  Oh the joys, right?

Well during our packing up I found my husband’s journal.  He was in the room when I found it and was hesitant to let me read it.

Find out if I did read it on the episode.

Okay, spoiler alert – I did.  But what I found on the last page of the journal was the inspiration for this short but important message I have for you.  So take a moment now and listen. Then do what I ask you to do.

Please… your future might very well depend on it!


As I have said many times during the goals series on the podcast (episodes #073 – #079)… setting goals is easy.  Accomplishing them is not.

Throughout the series we tackled the entire process of how we set goal so we have a better chance to finish them.  Now it’s time for you to put in place the accountability, tracking structure, community and fun to make those goals happen!

Remember, you set goals and then work to accomplish them because our hard work allows us to create the version of the future we are actually willing to work for.

Once you listened to this episode, please hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and let me know if you wrote down your goals! Let’s get the conversation started!

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

**Definitely check out the Goal Finishers Club – this could be the one group you join next year that has a lasting impact on your business! Deadline is Friday, January 3, 2020 so get it now!!** 

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #082 – and it will be our first episode of 2020. Let’s kick of the New Year with getting really clear on what referrals will mean for your business.  Don’t miss it!

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