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Ep #010: Special Listener Q&A Episode

This is a special episode where I answer 3 questions sent in from the podcast listeners. If you have a question you would like me to answer on the podcast, please email me at [email protected].    My plan is for every 10th episode to be a listener Q&A.

Here are some highlights:

First question is from Ebony…a photographer in Charlotte, NC.
Her question was around connecting better with corporate clients to generate referrals and overcoming challenges in converting B2B inquiries that are cold or lukewarm (meaning not referred to her, lacking some type of existing relationship).

Second question was from Ashley, a personal trainer and health coach in Australia.

She wanted to know how to not sound desperate or awkward when letting clients know you have availability for new clients/referrals.  Pay attention to my answer to this one.  First we addressed why is feels awkward – because it is! – and how to avoid it by focusing on a few other key areas in her business.  Spoiler alert – I tell her not to tell her clients she has openings. I give her a different answer instead.

And our third question came from Melinda, an Interior Designer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She wanted to know how to generate referrals when everyone she knows, knows at least 6 other designers personally in addition to her.
I discuss three considerations to help her receive referrals and grow her brand reputation in her small, overly saturated community.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #011 – we are digging in and unpacking your prospecting plan.  Yes, we are taking a break from a focus on referrals and I will share with you how I help clients identify and develop their prospecting funnel through an easy exercise. Don’t miss this one!

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