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Ep: #013: How I Stopped Selling & Dramatical Grew My Business

This is probably one of my favorite episodes to date.  I LOVE sharing how I was able to change how I moved from feeling like an “always hustling” salesperson who happen to also be a business owner to a business owner who finally felt in control of the sales process.

Please don’t think this episode is going to tell you that you don’t have to know how to sell…it won’t. And don’t believe that this episode will share some magic pill that once taken all of your sales issues will be solved…that’s not how it works.

But there is a way to grow your business with greater ease. And that is what I dive into on this episode, lucky #013!!

And make sure you scroll down to download the important one-page guide I talk about in the episode – the 7 step framework of what a meeting looks like with referred prospect.

Here are some highlights:

All prospects or leads come in as one of four types – cold, lukewarm, warm and hot!  You want them hot since that means they are as close to being ready to say yes to working with you as they will ever be.

But not all prospects show up HOT!

When you consider the activities you do within your prospecting plan, most prospects are typically cold or lukewarm. But that is what we would expect from a cold call, cold email or meeting someone for 10 minutes at a networking event.

And the prospects who come to you from the activities in your marketing plan are also cold and lukewarm but also warm because they have made the decision to interact with you or your material – download a free report or guide from your website, spend time on your website, like/follow/connect with your social media accounts, etc.

But to have a prospect show up HOT – then they almost always need to have been referred to you!

You have to be prepared to act differently when the prospect is hot and has been referred.  The mindset, the language and the flow are different within your sales process (which is what happens during the buyer’s journey).

You just can’t follow the same script or meeting flow when the prospect is hot versus when they are cold or even warm.  And if you apply a process meant for a cold/lukewarm/warm prospect to a hot prospect you run the risk of losing them because you aren’t prepared to meet them where they are.

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