how moments change your direction

Ep #018: The Moments It All Changed

As my podcast editor said, “this is one of the most relatable, honest , genuine and authentic episodes you have recorded.”  And he commended me for my bravery to share these moments with you.

I hope you agree.

Moments…most of them seem so insignificant. But we all have some moments that changed everything. Maybe not instantly but there were the first domino to fall changing our direction, path and even purpose.

Some are ah-mazing moments, some not so much.

In this episode we are diving in to a few course altering ones for me. And a few were embarrassing to share!

Here are some highlights:

In this episode I talk about four specific moments in detail that changed the trajectory of my business career.

The theme that runs through all of them is that they are questions asked of me (and one question I asked).

And the point of sharing these moments – baring my soul and feeling embarrassed in the process – is because I know your ability to uncover your moments from the past and detect them better in the future is critical to business sustainability and growth.

And it was these four questions – over the course of almost 10 years – that positioned me to be here on October 16, 2018 releasing my first book:

Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking.

I am not going to give away the four question moments – you’ll have to listen to the episode for that.  But here are the resources I talk about on the show.

And please hop into the Referrals Without Asking free Facebook group after you listen to share your thoughts on the episode…with this episode in particular, I would love your feedback!

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #019 – we will discuss how your promo swag is killing your referral strategy. Yep, that’s right…all those logo’d items are not helping your referral generation.

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