Digging In for Part Two: Referral Sources

Ep #091: Digging In to Your Referral Sources (Part Two)

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Here are some episode highlights:

We are in part two of our 3-part series where we are unpacking and digging in to better understand our referral sources.

In this episode – we build on the lessons learned in part one and apply them as we look back on some of our previous and current referral sources.

We also look at the 3 common misconceptions that people have about referral sources.

To go along with this episode, you can download the Part Two Worksheet to Unpacking Your Referral Sources. This step will reveal some clues as we move forward so you can not only ask but answer the big question – “Do I need more referral sources?”

Unpacking Our Referral Sources_Part 2

Grab it now!

There is one more episodes in this series to help you unpack and dig in to your referral sources.

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #092  – the final episode in our series on Digging In and Unpacking Our Referral Sources. Don’t miss it!

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