Lack of Control, Another Lie People Believe About Referrals

Ep #067: The Lies We Believe About Referrals (Part Four: Lack of Control)

We have arrived at our final episode of this 4-part, rapid-fire series of the lies people believe about referrals.   

We are going to tackle the most controversial lie… which is that you cannot control referrals. 

Here are some highlights:

In this episode I break down what I mean by control… we define what it is and what it is not.

We look at the three points you learn when you create and follow a referral generating plan including:

1. Generating referrals doesn’t have to be left to chance.

2. There are easy steps to follow to manage the process (so you know what to do)

3. Receiving referrals can be consistent when you follow a plan consistently.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, I would love for you to share your thoughts on “controlling” referrals in the Referrals Without Asking Community.

Let’s get the conversation started!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #068… and we are discussing referral-proofing your business.  Don’t miss it!

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