Know who your referral sources are

Ep #017: Identify Your Who…And the Power Behind It

Do you who is on your list of gold in your business?  Do you know what your list of gold actually is?

It is your referral sources – aka those who refer new prospective clients to you.

Yes, your referral sources are even most important than your clients.  Not that we don’t love our clients – because YES! we do – but our referral sources are special, a class above.

Because the help us grow, deliver “ready to go” clients to us and make our lives easier.

Amen for the referral sources!

Here are some highlights:

In this episode I provide the process to capture your list of referral sources.  This process is also outlined in Chapter 8 of my new book, Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking.

And to make the process even easier, you can download the template to identify your existing referral sources which is similar to the ones I give to my clients when they are getting started on their journey to a referral explosion!

Download the Identify Your Existing Referral Sources Worksheet Here!

But beyond just learning the process of how you identify your heroes, we discussed:

–how far back should you go to capture the data

–do you only pull the data from clients or can you include prospects

And we discussed what happens after you complete the process if you discover you need more referral sources plus what to do with your referral sources (hint: develop a referral generating plan!).

Take a listen for the details and more on discovering the power of your referral sources.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #018 – I am getting personal about my journey from business failure to business success, how I uncovered my method to generate referrals and how referrals changed how I felt about my business.

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