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Ep #030: Burning Questions From Our Listeners

There is a special guest hanging with me on the podcast today!  Every 10th episode, I answer your questions on the podcast.   

Spoiler Alert: It’s my 10-year-old son, Jacob.  

He joined me to help me out by asking me the questions you guys submitted for today’s episode.

Here are some highlights:

Here are the three questions!

Question 1: How do you recommend developing a strong referral business when you are fairly new to an area and don’t have a large sphere of influence already established.

Question 2: How to be authentic and still generate referrals?

Question 3: How do I get more comfortable reaching out to people and make it less awkward to get referrals? I hate to make it obvious that I’m looking for more business because I feel like it makes me look desperate and not worth my prices?

I am so proud of Jacob – he was nervous to start but definitely found his comfort zone as the interview went along.  Now to get his sister and brother to help with episode #040 an #050.

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #031…and we are going to make sure you are really clear on the guiding principles about referrals.

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