decision to burn the boats

Ep #029: What’s Your “Burn the Boats” Moment?

Well here we are with the first episode of 2019 and we are talking about burning the boat.  During the course of running and growing our businesses we are sometimes faced with decisions we need to make but are scared and intimidated by them. This episodes cover why sometimes we just need to “burn the boat.”

Here are some highlights:

First up is a history lesson on where the “burn the boats” concept comes from…all the way back in the 1500.

Then to explain the concept with a real world example, I talk about one big burn the boats moment I had early on after starting my 2nd business. It has to do with getting rid of all of my corporate suits.

I discuss other burn the boats moments I’ve had like shrinking my 1-on-1 coaching practice to give more room to growing my online training programs like Growth By Referrals and Sticky Client Experiences.

And we end the episode with a CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

Is 2019 your year to embrace a burn the boats moment?

If yes, it won’t be easy – burn the boat moments can be terrifying in fact, and they take a great amount of courage.

But standing on the other side of your burn the boats moment is a pretty incredible place to be.

So, is 2019 your year to embrace a burn the boats moment?

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #030…so you know what that means!!  It is our Q&A episode where I answer your questions on referrals, client experience and growing your business.

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